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Eivind's fight for proper Lyme treatment

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Eivind Markhus was - completely paralyzed in an electrical wheelchair - very present during the whole Lyme conference in Oslo in May 2014. When I met him there, together with his wife, I felt the world needed to hear his story.

Eivind's life before Lyme was a happy one. He studied business management in Oslo, worked as an insurance broker, played soccer and had a family with two young children. Now they are 17 and 19 years old. Here is his story.

"I was diagnosed with ALS back in 2001 despite the fact that I had an Erythema Migrans rash. My symptoms started right after a tick bite. I insisted to my GP that it could be Lyme Disease, but I was denied any kind of treatment. In 2003 my wife and I traveled from Norway to USA to see dr. Burrascano. In his office I tested positive for Lyme in a Igenex western blot IgM/IgG. These tests were also positive after CDC criteria. My cd57 was decreased and I tested positive for Epstein Barr virus. Dr. Burrascano put me on aggressive antibiotics. The progression of the disease stopped! Yet the Norwegian health authorities still don't believe in Lyme. Not then and not now.

In 2007 we went to see dr. Martz, also in the USA. He also tested me positive for Lyme with the Igenex Western Blot test. In the same year I also tested positive for Lyme in Norway. This was a recombinant Western Blot test. I was put on a month of tigecycline IV antibiotics - with no effect at all. But the doctors just did not believe that I could have Lyme. Then I sent my blood to ProHealth, a laboratory in Holland, again at my own costs. ProHealth tested me positive on Lyme using the PCR test. This is a DNA detection of the Borrelia bacteria. But the doctors in Norway have no trust in this test.

I have lost two lawsuits. This has cost me 125.000 euro / 165,000 dollar in attorneys' fees. I also paid for some lousy work of expert reports and the court costs. The Supreme Court rejected the appeal - regardless of the fact that I have different positive antibody tests which are specific to Borrelia bacteria. These are dismissed as false by experts, who did not even looked at the samples! These experts do not have the up to date knowledge needed to properly interpret these data.

All the scholars all over the world agree that the cultivation of Borrelia DNA is the Gold Standard. The cultivation detects bacteria directly and it is not possible to misunderstand the results! It has not gotten to this technology, until now! Thanks to my American contacts, I was informed about Advanced Laboratory Services. The laboratory has developed a revolutionary method that the entire international Lyme community has been waiting for! And I have tested positive on it!

This means that the current guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment are a failure and thus a scandal! A Norwegian research project is interested in this technology and contacted Advanced Laboratory Services. They asked for help in developing the test in Norway. One of the scientists I've known for ten years, first contacted me to examine the content of this project. I connected this research group to Advanced Laboratory Services.

Is it any wonder I want reparations? In Norway I never got chance to get with my professional suggestions in the mainstream media! Comments that are verified correctly afterwards! I lost completely, according to the ruling, cited in the media. No one will know that I am sitting on the Gold Standard. Where is the justice in this?"

Notes from the interviewer

Doing this interview was an art to itself. Since Eivind cannot talk anymore, we could not use the phone or Skype. He can write short mails though, with the help of special glasses through which his eyes can create text. I had to deduct the full meaning, write it down and check with him if it was what he had meant.

I asked him what would help him most. He said: "to get the truth out". Please help Eivind Markhus achieve that laudable goal, eventhough he died in January 2017


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