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Insights & Solutions

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You are either ill because of Lyme or you are close to someone who is. Both of you will feel lost, neglected and looking for both solutions and understanding.

You are both welcome to join and become a member. Membership is now in a ‘re-adopt’ phase, so you decide on how much you chip in. A symbolic amount of one dollar is enough to get you registered.

You can adjust this amount over time, based on how much value you experience from participating and on how much you have available.

Supporters can get a Priceless book for caretakers and friends called Shifting the Lyme Paradigm. This will give you both ways to stay connected with your ill loved ones as well as an overview you need to remain intact and involved in a healthy way. Its author donates ten percent of its financial appreciations to us.

Membership will provide you with:

  • connections and meetings with other people in the same position as you are. You are not alone in this
  • updates on publications, insights and discoveries in the other groups
  • invitations to (online) movies, webinars or other forms to get useful information
  • ways to make your experience useful for the learning process