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Doctors, therapists, psychologists, etc. of both the regular and alternative field. Becoming a member will give access to the online Lyme library (the largest worldwide, to a network for knowledge sharing and to participate in research of different treatments and approaches.

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Lyme patients looking for ways to make themselves and Lyme be seen and heard. To make an abstract, hidden global epidemic visible and human. People who are looking for new hope and are willing to make their experience useful to others by being courageous.

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Scientists, journalists and professionals dealing with issues around Lyme (lawyers, accountants, etc). They can read the Priceless e-book upfront to understand why. Again access to online Lyme library (the largest worldwide via Dropbox) and to (I don’t know how to call this yet) tailored services to support their projects.

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Formal and informal (opinion) leaders who are aiming to move things forward. They get access to a platform for co-creation, fed by what the Investigators find.

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Agissons ensemble

Le besoin le plus urgent concernant la malade de Lyme est de montrer au monde que c’est une maladie chronique bien réelle, touchant un nombre de personnes beaucoup plus important que celui connu.

Nous avons imaginé un moyen très simple pour y parvenir : pour montrer cela, une fois pour toute. Donnons l’attention nécessaire à cette épidémie cachée.

Ensemble, nous utiliserons l’effet de masse pour nous faire entendre.

The average time it takes to get a proper Lyme diagnosis = 18.7 YEARS
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