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Information on legal and financial topics

On Lyme Foundation

Dutch Chamber of Commerce:

RSIN: 850140973

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

E-mail address: info @

Board consists of: Huib Kraaijeveld (chairman) and others who are not mentioned here.

All board members do their work on a voluntary basis. All texts on the Blog are pulbished under Creative Commons. 

Financial overview:
No current liabilities nor assets, since the Foundation is in its start-up phase.
Future checks & balances will be done by OZLO Accountants.
Actual overview of activities:
  • filling the Facewall (awareness & data)
  • creating blogposts (awaress & exposure)
  • press exposure
  • public awareness via Social Media
  • our own research projects: Lyme survey & research for a valid Lyme test
  • creating a European Cooperation Network
Current funding: 

All donations should be fully tax deductible in your country, since we have a Dutch 'good cause' tax status. This status is recognized internationally. Check with your accountant or notary, when in doubt. 

De gemiddelde tijd om een juiste Lyme diagnose te krijgen = 18,7 JAAR
Klik op de foto's op de FaceWall om dit zelf te ontdekken

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