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Wednesday, 16 November 2016 15:42

This is the worst pain a parent can have

Parents with ill children seem to have regular trouble with the Dutch Child Protective Services. Over the last month there has been a lot of media coverage on this subject. Now the BVIKZ, the Dutch interest group for parents with chronically ill children, is collecting cases to investigate how often this happens. They specifically look into Lyme and the hidden misery of caring parents, who are accused of 'child abuse' or 'Munchhausen by Proxy'.

Tuesday, 08 November 2016 16:24

Liesbeth's story: from bad to worse (part 2)

When Liesbeth found out after 35 years that Lyme had been the real cause of all her health problems, she assumed that her situation would improve. Although she was indeed glad with the diagnosis and the start of her treatments, as described in part 1 of her story, it also got her completely stuck. Because she did not have her job anymore, she ended up in the maze of disablitity benefits bureaucracy. That's what this second part of her story is about.  

Tuesday, 01 November 2016 16:41

Liesbeth's story: "Do I speak Chinese?"

Until the age of eighteen, Liesbeth was a cheerful young lady who loved to be outside and amongst people. Then she fell ill and never recovered. Now it is 35 years later and only two years ago she has found the cause for all her complaints: Lyme and a number of co-infections. Until that time the only medical advice she received was to drink a daily Yakult. Instead of a right diagnosis now helping her, it actually got matters worse. This is Liesbeth’s story, in two parts. 

Friday, 16 September 2016 15:29

Cornelius story: cured by natural remedies

My name is Cornelius Tammik. I got Lyme at a young age and trusted the medical establishment for over a decade while my health deteriorated. I brought responsibility back to myself, educating myself and experiencing the power of natural healing. Now I have fully recovered and have been symptom free for the last three years. I look back at the experience, how my life has transformed, the dance of sickness and health, all the gained knowledge and I think 'what a crazy world we humans have created for ourselves'. 

Deel drie van het drieluik "The Lyme Whisperer" met als titel "Miracles". Door Francisca. 

Deel twee van het drieluik "De Lyme Whisperer" door Francisca: "Lyme wilde tegen mij praten, en leerde mij ernaar te luisteren."

Lyme als Shamanistische reis. Een drieluik van Francisca, speciaal geschreven voor de On Lyme Blog. 

"Er zijn slechts twee manieren zijn om je leven te leven: doen alsof niets een wonder is, en doen alsof alles een wonder is.' Albert Einstein

Saturday, 06 February 2016 21:31

My legs are not my legs

This is part four of Saar's Travel Stories. This one is called My legs are not my legs. It is not translated in English yet. Volunteers are very welcome.

Saturday, 23 January 2016 16:21

The red threat (a conversation with Emyl)

Dag Emyl, In de naam van al de mannen, vrouwen en kinderen, die jij probeert te kruisigen: gun ons wat respijt. Wie of wat ben jij eigenlijk?

Saturday, 23 January 2016 16:07

The red threat (after diagnose)

Als ik ’s morgens mijn ogen open, zie ik het hangen, het zwaard van Damocles. En als ik ’s avonds mijn ogen sluit, heeft het er weer flink ingehakt. Want met zo’n diagnose van je eigen kind sta je op en ga je slapen.

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