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Cornelius story: cured by natural remedies

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My name is Cornelius Tammik. I got Lyme at a young age and trusted the medical establishment for over a decade while my health deteriorated. I brought responsibility back to myself, educating myself and experiencing the power of natural healing. Now I have fully recovered and have been symptom free for the last three years. I look back at the experience, how my life has transformed, the dance of sickness and health, all the gained knowledge and I think 'what a crazy world we humans have created for ourselves'. 

Age: 28
Nationality: German
Infected at age: 9
Tested positive: yes, after 3 years
Cured with standard treatments: no
Cured now: yes, after 16 years


My mother works as a midwife, my father as a programmer and I am the third of four children. I grew up in a beautiful spot in the south-west of Germany very close to the borders of Switzerland and France and the black forest, in a small town called Lörrach. I loved to be outside and used to play in our big garden. When I was 5 years old my parents decided, after years of fighting, to separate and finally get divorced.

The love that had once created our family was shattered. I was deeply hurt and emotionally distanced myself from my family and my own loving and sensitive nature. The emotional and the physical bodies are so closely related, could my emotional pain have facilitated Lyme disease?

Then, could it be that many years later it took a deep, loving relationship to melt my heart and awaken the slumbering emotions before I could get better? I am getting ahead of myself. For the most part following school was easy for me; rather I made trouble for others, with an aggressive attitude I got into many fights. 

My Story of Getting Sick

I played outside a lot and regularly got bitten by ticks. In 1998, I was 9 years old, a red ring formed around a tick bite on my neck that my mother recognized as something serious that could be a symptom of Lyme disease. We went to see a doctor who prescribed some penicillin for two or three weeks. While the primary antibody titer test was positive, the follow-up test 6 weeks later came back negative; Lyme had been dealt with. Or so we thought.

A year later, my knee (I forgot which side) started hurting, after the seeing several doctors and doing a bunch of different tests nothing clear was found and I was sent home to take some rest with crutches to minimize the stress on my knee. I lived with the pain until it got better after a couple of weeks. At the age of eleven my elbow started to hurt. Again, no cause could be found, only this time I got a cast instead of crutches. After two 'unexplainable' joint pains a doctor looked at my Lyme history and made the connection.

The anti-body test was done and came back with very high antibodies. This time the antibiotic of choice was Amoxicillin. From this point on I was trapped in an endless cycle. Whenever my joint pains came back I would go to my doctor, do the test. The test almost always came back positive(before the treatment as well as after it). Then I took some antibiotics for two or three weeks of antibiotics. After a few weeks or months the joint pain disappeared. The time between joint pain outbreaks was about a year. Sometimes I didn't have symptoms for longer, sometimes the pain returned after just a few months. Over the years I have had pain in my knee, elbow, hip, shoulder and wrist joints.

After maybe seven years of joint pains as my only symptom I also started noticing a slow decline in energy levels and mental clarity. Despite all this I finished my secondary education with the Abitur (German high school diploma) in 2009. Looking back, I feel like the daily structure and the frame of thinking that school had given me also locked up my creative energy, so that by the time I was 19 I had never really questioned the endless cycle of joint pain - > test - > antibiotic treatment that had been recommended by doctors.

Being out of school I finally started thinking more freely and taking some responsibility for my life and health and so I started to educate myself online. I found that chlorella helped me function normally and that, if I forgot to take chlorella for a day or two, I would reliably get sick very quickly, until lying in my bed feeling awful, I would remember to take a bunch of my chlorella pills and quickly feel better. I went to Amsterdam and joined Knowmads for a year, an entrepreneurial school with a liking for personal growth located in Amsterdam, for a year.

After reading about it online, I experimented with MMS for about half a year, then with MMS2, but got worse instead of better. I took Samento for a few months but I didn't feel that it made any difference and stopped. I found Robert Morse on YouTube, a Californian naturopathic doctor with tons of educational videos. While Robert Morse's ideas rang true with me immediately, I had neither the money to buy the herbs he recommends nor the energy to radically change my diet. But I slowly adapted his ideas over the following years. Upon a recommendation I went to see a retired medical doctor near Amsterdam who used a dark-field microscope to do a live blood analysis. And see there, under the dark-field microscope she was able to find living spirochete in a drop of my blood.

In the mean time my symptoms had gotten worse. Now I had serious difficulties thinking clearly, brainfog, difficulties to concentrate and mostly a zombielike state of apathy. My energy levels and appetite also dropped so that I always felt tired, was easily exhausted and slept 10-12 hours daily. Shortly after finishing my year at Knowmads in February 2011 I went to the university clinic in Freiburg (Germany) where the chief physician dismissed my medical records and told me that "chronic Lyme doesn't exist"; I guess that is another story.

However, I also went to the Lyme centre in Augsburg to undergo extensive and expensive testing. And once more it was reconfirmed that I had Lyme disease. The tests also revealed that I had co-infections, Chlamydia and Ehrlichia, that I hadn't known about until then. The Lyme center's recommended therapy consisted of lots of antibiotics that I was to take simultaneously over the coming months. One of these antibiotics requires 2-weekly checks of one's liver and kidney function due to its side effects. I was already looking for a doctor that would be willing to prescribe these costly and risky antibiotics but I decided to postpone treatment for a bit.

My Story of Getting Healthy

Luckily I had already paid for a flight to Korea to visit my girlfriend for three weeks. Once there, she took me to a doctor of Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM, similar to TCM), who was refreshingly uninterested in Lyme and bacteria. By looking at my body, feeling my pulse and listening to my symptoms he determined that my "Spleen Yang was deficient and overwhelmed by dampness", he did some acupuncture and gave me herbal tea.

After only one day of his treatment I felt better than I had felt in years, I felt energized and alive. Over the years of slow degeneration I had slowly gotten used to zombie-like existence with constant fatigue to a point where I had forgotten how good my body can feel. This experience was a turning point in my health. For 14 years from the time I got my bull-eye rash in 1997 until the visit to the Korean doctor in April 2011 my health had slowly but surely declined. From this point onward all my symptoms have slowly disappeared.

The returning 'life force' I felt after the TKM-treatment gave me the trust and confidence in my body to become healthy by natural means (this experience inspired me to study TCM myself). Back in Germany, I decided to not to go with any antibiotics, instead I continued taking the herbal tea and the acupuncture treatments in Germany for a few months. Korean and Chinese Traditional Medicine let me feel that Lyme can be healed naturally.

However I want to give credit to Robert Morse's teachings for my swift and complete journey to Well-Ville. It was his book, The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, and his YouTube channel that resonated the most with me, gave a me clear understanding of what Lyme really is and how to overcome it. It was his simplistic and fundamental understanding of the human body that helped me to see past Lyme disease and enabled me to get healthy. I want to thank Robert Morse for his decades of service to human health, freely educating millions of people about this simple truth.

All that our body is, no matter what organ, tissue or part, is cells, millions and millions of cells. Beside the cells there are two major fluids, blood and interstitial fluid (the fluid in between the cells). All cells require food and excrete waste. The role of blood in transporting nutrients, O2 and Co2 is common knowledge, while the interstitial fluid tends get little attention. The interstitial fluid surrounds the cells and is the medium they live in. With every heart-beat, nutrients, blood plasma and proteins seep through the walls of the blood vessels into the interstitial space. The cells form channels that drain the interstitial fluid and the cellular waste. These channels are the beginning of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is body's sewer system. Similar to a septic tank, cellular waste and toxins are collected in lymph nodes and broken down by bacteria. The seeping blood proteins are returned to the blood and all the waste and toxins are eliminated from the body. The kidneys through urine and the skin through sweat are the two main pathways of elimination.

We experience health when the kidneys are effectively eliminating waste, the lymphatic system is freely flowing and cleaning the interstitial spaces. Sadly we humans have adopted a toxic lifestyle with electromagnetic radiation, chemical based agriculture, pollution, pharma-drugs, environmental toxins; the list goes on and on. Like no other free species on this planet, humans have disconnected themselves from their own nature, so that a free flowing of lymph system is a rarity. All degenerative disease, be it Lyme, AIDS, cancer, lupus, Alzheimer's, Blabla-"itis", you name it, is nothing but a compromised elimination of toxins and waste. All these 'diseases' will disappear if the free flow of lymph is restored.

Another important aspect to the lymphatic flow is the pH level, the balance between acidity and alkalinity. All cells create acid waste as a by-product of their normal metabolism. If the lymph isn't flowing properly, the interstitial space will accumulate the acid waste and become increasingly acidic, adding to the irritation, hardening tissues and further backing up lymph-flow. Most people in the globalized economy regularly eat 'acid forming food'. Acid forming food means, that once the food is digested and broken up is dominantly acid. Examples of acid forming foods are dairy, grains, meat and most factory processed food. But also stress, negative thoughts and emotions will add to the cellular acid burden.

Detoxification, is the key to get rid of all the acids and toxins built up in our body. For a smooth and effective detoxification we have to find a more natural lifestyle, change to a diet of raw 'alkaline forming food' with a focus on fruit berries and melons. Furthermore herbal teas and tinctures are magnificent at strengthening weak kidneys, clearing acid waste and toxins from interstitial spaces, the lymphatic system as well as any other organ or system of the body. 

With this understanding, it took me about two years of cleansing through herbs and a diet focused on fresh fruit to become symptom free. I have been healthy over three years and I am confident that Lyme won't bother me anymore.

If you found this intriguing I'll happily receive questions or feedback by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or share further information and advice. If you are in a desperate condition, I recommend calling Robert Morse's office. Or you might want to connect with the online communities working with the healing approach described above.

These stories can only continue be told with your donation. Thank you for your contribution to show the human faces and stories of the global Lyme epidemic. They bring awareness and hope to many. 

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