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Tamara's cross

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In a response to a blog about the (a)social responses people with Lyme Disease are getting, a lady called Tamara connected to us on Facebook. Crying. This is what she wrote and it's her last chance to get help. Tamara is also the second in one week to report that Lyme causes breast cancer. 

"I was a model and mom, untill I was bitten by a tick. It took a couple of months before I started to feel ill. I wasn't able to finish shoots, television commercials and so on.

I realized it was impossible because of the lights from work, and body aches. It made it hard to pose for the photographer My last job was a 6 hour shoot. After that I was in bed most of the time - if not in the hospital or ER. I found the tick on me in mid December 2010.

I went downhill physically, emotionally and mentally early 2011. Since then it has been a struggle. Lyme disease showed up numerous times in my lab work and as time went on, other debilitating illnesses just added to my painful misery.

When I read the blog about how people with Lyme are suggested to "become a whore', it stirred up many emotions. I used to be very outgoing a real people person. Sure I have friends that have lots of money but they want me to give them a chance which means a relationship, I have to focus on getting better, how can I be with anyone else when I can barely be with myself. This is my last chance to find help.

I have lived with a lot of the same responses from professionals and society last but not least, my own family. They look at me and think I look great so maybe I'm cured or its all in my head I had about 6 lab test for Lyme to come back positive for numerous strands. I had a tick on my back for 4 day and as it fed on my blood the tick became huge.

That was back in 2010, I was hospitalized with Lyme in and out of the hospital for most of 2011, 104.7 temperature the very first time o was rushed there, but they never kept me for over 5 days and I have talked to scientists in Canada who did they should've treated me for at least a month.

Then I found out I had cancer stage 2 in my right breast, they also removed a week later 5 lymph nodes were removed from under my left arm. I was dealing with Lyme still and all that entails, so I didn't do any chemo or radiation. Same next year 2012 I get breast cancer on the left side so I have 5 tumors removed at ironically enough the same time of the year as before.

This time I did agree to drive 2 hours for 26 days straight to get radiation. I had my first treatment, came home but all throughout the evening I felt worse than normal, my thought I was trying to get out of the treatment so she said if I didn't get out of bed to go I was going to see my family doctor and she even went on to set up a 3 PM appointment.

She thought I was faking because I didn't want to take radiation, it was 11 AM when I told my mom I was dying, she asked if I wanted to go to ER (I hate going there, they know me all too well because I brought down the walls over their disbelief of Lyme disease being so bad) I told her yes please before it is too late.

They ran lab work on me and acted like they normally do but some of the blood work had to be sent to a different place to be read so I told the ER Doctor "you know, I was here 2 weeks ago and the ER doctor believes in Lyme and how harmful it can be, he advised me to see my regular doctor within 2 days and tell him.

When I went to my doctor, he said word for word, “Well ER doctors don't know their head from their ass"! Of course I knew it would make the ER doctor pissed, so he called my doctor and strongly advised admitting me into the hospital...

Thank God!

At 8 PM they came in told me some bacteria is attacking my muscles my heart enzymes were alarmingly high and my kidneys were shutting down my blood pressure was 175/129, the doctor was nervous. They put me on some antibiotic and hoped for the best. At 1 AM I awoke to hear the doctor telling the nurse "I don't know what to do, fly her to somewhere, she is getting worse." I heard him say it finally: "I guess it is Lyme doing this". And yes, my lab did come back positive for Lyme.

I was really sick, but I could slowly whisper but barely move, so I pushed my button to get their attention and told them to give me the Devils drug (that's what I call doxycycline which has ruined my bones) he agreed and the first brown bag treatment began, he came back the next day stomping in my hospital room and acting like a baby exclaiming, "it didn't work", I calmly told him “so give me more”. He told me I would have to wait 13 hours before he can give it to me again. So we waited.

You have to understand this antibiotic is painful going in through the IV and remember I was in and out of the hospital so many times in 2011. It practically ruined all my veins in my left arm and I can't let them do anything on my right side because I had lymph nodes removed from under my arm. The treatment worked and the doctor told me even though my blood cells were not in a good place we had managed to get my heart enzymes down. I was shocked at how big of a baby these doctors are. He walked in and saw my mom had come to see me...

The next thing that happened was a nurse came in with discharge papers... What the fuck???

Three days in the hospital and that's it. Oh well. Fast forward to 2013.

I find I have cancer again. I can't treat it because it almost killed me from one treatment of radiation, so here we are 2015 almost 2016, and my dad died in May with heart problems, I found out my heart is in bad shape. I have arthritis and yet I look normal so people refuse to see the ugly side of this truth.

I am sick but I am a very stubborn woman I went and collected everything I could since I first got Lyme and all that follows. I am a case that all the evidence is there physically and on paper. I recently found out that I have early signs of MS in my left frontal lobe and holes through my skull in the right frontal lobe they put due to Lyme.

I had told them for years that I felt like there were bugs in my head and literally scratching the right side of my forehead during what we were told is called a silent seizure. It is like being trapped inside your body but when you try to speak it comes out as if I were drunk.

So much has happened my short term memory is getting worse and I am very sensitive to light & sound, I can see a bug and from a crossed a room but my regular vision is bad. I sometimes have to wear sunglasses inside. I am always hot like to the touch, people think I have fever but my temperature is lower than normal.

I hear things from outside or if someone is talking on the phone I can hear the person they are talking to over the person who is in the room with me. I smell things out, I try to find humor in this, I am like a wolf. I will stop at this and I'm sorry for it being such a long message but it is important you know that I am the one sick, in bed most of the time that will rage against the bull till my last breath.

My death will not be in vain! God has blessed and cursed me with a gift and I will crawl to make it to right! 

My 16 year old daughter starts having the same symptoms as I have."



Only one scientific study has looked into the possibility that Lyme can cause cancer. It's conclusion was: "Our observations suggest a previously unreported association between B. burgdorferi infection and risk of mantle cell lymphoma." Here is the source

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