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Nina's cry for recognition

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This is what Nina wrote to us, when she uploaded her picture for our Facewall: "Because of Lyme I know how it is like to gasp for breath because of so much unbearable pain, to hear a constant screaming sound in my ears, to have spasms because of intestinal cramps, to have to crawl to the toilet - since walking was no longer an option."

I have been on the ground crying in front of the toilet bowl. I have even shit in my pants, while vomitting, simply because I did not have the strength left to lift myself up on the toilet seat. Vomitting in particulair, especially the moment just before it comes, as been the most awful of all Lyme symptoms. Add some others like migraines, palpitations and diarrhea and you have the best description of the worst herxheimer reactions (due to poisoning) ever. Now I just mention the most horrid symptoms of chronic Lyme. And if it is up to the Dutch government and health authorities, there is no chronic Lyme disease and has nothing to do here ?!"

There are friends who say, "I wish I could help you." or "If I can do something for you, then you have to say." Perhaps these people have missed the lyme challenge with my request for help. To reveal this scandal reveal is - apart from love and understanding - the only thing you can do for me and what can make a big difference in the long term.

A very small effort, hopefully with great effects; more awareness, more research, better care, more recognition and more chance of cure for thousands of Lyme disease patients who are at home to perish in pain and misery.

Would you still help me? Then join.

Be a hope spreader. Be a change maker.


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Huib Kraaijeveld

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