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Arlene: for me Lyme is a 'Blessing in Disguise'

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A year ago Arlène was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Finally it was acknowledged that she had not imagined being ill after all. 

Bacteria in her body had been the cause of the many symptoms that she has had from childhood. Arlène is now forced to live in total isolation, apart from being close to her husband. She has not left their house for over a year, is hardly able to stand food and has lost all her former friends and acquaintances because they did not understand her situation. Fortunately she did meet new people who do understand her. She is living in a complete Nothing, as she calls it. But especially this experience she would not have wanted to miss. ‘If I would have remained to be a flimsy, I would never have had the inner growth I had now’. 

Arlène is now 50 years old and is a lovely lady to see. Because of her full lips, her hairdo and her jeans close complete with silver studs; she looks like a commercial TV presenter. She is slim, but certainly not timid. Because of her passionate way of communicating, I almost forget that she is ill. Arlène grew up in an area close to Amsterdam, called the Zaanstreek, but now already lives for seventeen years in the Southern part of the Netherlands, in a city called Den Bosch together with her husband Willem. Here she feels less at home, because of the cultural (religious) differences between the North and South of the Netherlands. I always say what I want to say, which often is misunderstood here’, is one of the first things she tells me after my arrival in her home.

Around noon, when I arrive, Arlène is in the kitchen preparing lunch. For her husband and me there is soup and bread on the table, while for her she prepared just a bowl of rice. This is however an improvement, she tells me later. For 2,5 year she could eat nothing but rice waffles with mashed broccoli. During that period she only weighed 41 kilo (82 pounds). Because of Lyme Arlène not only developed allergies against many types of food, but her body also could no longer stand electro magnetic fields (EMF). During lunch, Arlène tells me that her disease is pretty extreme, which is the reason it is ‘too complex for many people to understand. Well, I can relate to that statement. Arlène’s also upsets my conventional beliefs about health and medical care.

With classical music in the background, we move to the couch and start an interview that will last for 3,5 hours. Arlène starts to tell me that she never had a tick bite or at least never noticed one. What she did notice was that was always tired and had a seemingly endless bout of flue. She also suffered from allergies, headaches and depression. In her twenties this went on. She worked in a beauty saloon. Sometimes she was so exhausted that she had to call in ill, since she had to sleep for a week to recover. Then she could stand working for a while again. Around her thirtieth birthday, her then boyfriend broke up their relationship. She had to move out of their house, which caused her immune system to break down. During 2,5 years she just lay in bed, completely exhausted. A Naturopath diagnosed her with ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), but despite his treatments she remained very tired.

When she was 33 she met her current husband Willem. From that moment on her health seemed to improve. It even improved so much that she started her own practice for alternative treatments within Wilem’s practice for dental prosthetics. For a period of five years her disease seemed under control, apart from regular fatigue and headaches. This stability lasted until the couple went to Crete for holidays. An earthquake, a 6,4 on the scale of Richter, shook up Arlène. Not in a way that she panicked, but as if it triggered a memory of a trauma. Arlène calls it a primal trauma. She does not know exactly about what it is, but intuitively connects it to Atlantis.

Since this moment in Crete, when Arlène was 38, more and more complications showed up. Arlène thinks that de Borrelia bacteria that cause Lyme Disease, had been reactivated because of the earthquake and the trauma it triggered. Because ever since she went on that holiday, she became more sensitive to everything. She could not stand any external stimulus anymore and was extremely tired. Every movement, conversation, light or sound exhausted her. Next to fatigue and headaches, her joints now started hurting as well. She developed cramps in her neck, head and shoulders. Next to these new complaints, she became intolerant to most food and oversensitive to electromagnetic fields. Now it has been over a year in which she has not left their house and she has had to let go of everything that she held dear. Her own practice, trips with friends, going to a concert with Willem or visiting their second house in France – where she has not been anymore in five years. ‘I have become a sort of outcast, disqualified by society’.

Arlène already long ago stopped visiting regular doctors. ‘If you already feel miserable and people plainly tell you it’s all in your head and that you want to have something, you actually feel worse. I have a temperamental character, so normally I would pull such a person from behind his desk. But I simply don’t have the strength to do that, being as ill as I am now. Being treated like this makes me insecure, while I already was vulnerable because of my psychical conditions.’ After Arlène was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease, she demanded her doctor to include this new information in her medical file.

She told him to start taking people seriously, with similar undefined complaints like she had. Arlène also told her doctor about the low reliability of the tests that are being used by the medical care system. As with many chronic Lyme patients, the tests her doctor used (Elisa and Western Blot) were also negative for Arlène. Last year she did a PCR test at the Pro Health lab in Weert (in the south of the Netherlands), which showed that Arlène was indeed infected with the Borrelia. She also told her doctor about the many co-infections that ticks can carry, because he did not know. Arlène advises Lyme patients to also test for co-infections, since the Borrelia is often found next to other viruses or bacteria.

Arlène visited many alternative therapists, all over the Netherlands. None of these treatments have helped her. Now she is trying out the natural variation of antibiotics, called colloidal silver. According to Arlène, chemical antibiotics are dangerous, especially for people with chronic Lyme. This type of antibiotics disables one’s immune system, while that is the system you need so much to operate to deal with Lyme.

When she was younger, Arlène only looked for a physical solution for her illness. When there proved to be none, she started to accept her disease. She tells me that, because of this acceptance, she started on a learning journey. Learning mostly meant deprogramming: ‘If I wake up in the morning with pain all over my body, I feel powerlessness and frustration that I cannot do what I want to do. The only thing I should do then, is to surrender to that moment.’ Arlène explains that in this way she learned to not identify with her ego. ‘I learned to surrender what I want and how I think it should be to – which is control – to ‘Your Will shall be done’, to God’s Will.’

Arlène’s disease also has large consequences for her partner Willem’s life. His dental practice, groceries, the household and so on are resting on his shoulders. Willem now visits their second house in France alone, just to do the necessary maintenance. They cannot go out together anymore for drinks, a movie, a concert or on holidays. During our interview Arlène repeats over and over again that she has the most wonderful husband in the world. It is also very tough on Willem. Arlène tells me that most relationships of people my Lyme do not last and she understands why. Willem seems to have no doubt on his mind about staying with her. He becomes angry again, when he recalls how friends and family members tried to encourage him to leave his wife. To him, this is not the way to solve their problems.

Arlène and Willem had to close their dental practice and fire the seven people working in it. However, Willem does not seem to mind this much. Fancy cars and houses, parties, ‘needing to be seen’; all these seized to matter much to him now. ‘The moment problems like these arrive in your life, everything changes’, he tells me. Many of Willem’s own friends disappeared and some even suggested him to go to a psychiatrist. Willem tells me that, when one’s social environment provides so little understanding, the automatic response is to take distance. After the interview, Willem takes me to the train station in his car. When I ask him what gives him the strength to go on living with Arlène like this, he exclaims passionately: ‘You know what? In the end, only the quality of our relationship matters. If that relationship is genuinely good, all other problems are just secondary.’

Because of Arlène’s disease also Willem’s life took a new direction. He tells me he is now studying Live Blood Analysis and is now finished with a specialization as radiation biologist. ‘Because of what I witness and experience with Arlène, I have a totally different outlook on the world now. There is so much more than we think. However, I also want to see and understand what I am dealing with.’  

During the last years Arlène has also followed a number of courses in the alternative field: iridology, orthomolecular food and flower therapy. They would like to start their own practice for people with Lyme and sensitivity to radiation. Preferably in another place near the Dutch coast, since their current house is surrounded by 25 UMTS poles, within a reach of 1 km2. At 75 meters, you can also see several pylons. And besides that, F-16’s fighter planes fly over the house a couple of times per week. The planes themselves cause no harm, apart from their noise, but Arlène cannot stand the radiation caused by their radar systems.

Arlène’s outer world seems to have shrunk into a very small one. Her social life and her body digressed and she moves within an area of 100 m2. She cannot even walk her dogs Noël and Balou herself now. But in her inner world the opposite process has taken place. Arlène tells me that the process of deprogramming has provides her with strength and many insights. ‘The moment you have to rely so much on yourself and are no longer able to do what you would like to have done, you end up in a battleground between your ego and your soul consciousness. I have wondered many times: who am I actually? Then you find out that the reality in which we live is an illusion. The body is just temporary and your ego just exists to play your current role. Only your soul consciousness lasts forever. Once you become aware of that, once je remember and integrate it in your life, mercy will come. Surrender. A total Void or Emptiness. In that Emptiness everything arises. And that experience is the most beautiful of all. This may sound strange to you, but I regard my disease as a “Blessing in Disguise”. Something that looks unpleasant, but appears to hold a large treasure.’

According to Arlène there are two groups of Lyme patients. The first group consists of the people who use antibiotics. Instead of taking this road of physical solutions, Arlène favors the route of ‘healing’. People who chose to do this are the second group. People who are ill should not single-mindedly focus on the physical level, according to Arlène, but also on the psychological, spiritual and emotional sides of the disease, which are included in all healing approaches. This is a way to stay conscious while being ill and asking yourself questions such as ‘why do I become ill?’,  ‘what is this disease telling me?’, ‘what message does it have for me?’ This does not mean that you should sing 'Hallelujah in the Glory' during the whole day. Especially on days you are not doing will, you surrender to it. These are the days that Arlène asks Willem to leave her alone. They are dark and lonely days, in which the walls close in on her and she cannot do anything else but to give in to herself and allows emotions like sadness, powerlessness and frustration to fully be present. Many tears will drop down Arlène’s cheeks during such days. In a healing approach the point is to consciously choose to regard being ill as a learning process, which includes accepting both good and bad days. This does not mean this results in automatically being cured on a physical level.

According to Arlène, people with Lyme are the canaries of our times. Canaries are the messengers of life and death. A century ago they were released in coal mines, to check for underground gasses. If they did not return, odds were that the air was poisonous. A very important, yet dangerous role to play. Arlène believes that the people with Lyme who are brave enough to take the path of healing, are the messengers of the New Age. An era in which humanity is waking up on a spiritual level and can be held accountable for their own lives. People with Lyme are the frontrunners, who lead the way into the New Age, the Age of Aquarius, and who can make the rest of humanity conscious of the dangers ahead.

The weakening of her nerves system is the cause of her oversensitivity to Electro Magnetics Fields (EMF’s). She compares this with the way a weakened immune system cannot deal with infections anymore. Her nerves system cannot get rid of the radiation of EMF’s, in a way that happens with healthy people: via the feet. In Arlène’s body the radiation stays inside. She describes its effect as if she is in a microwave oven and cannot get out. Whenever there is a mobile phone, wifi or any wireless device close to her, she feels a heat rising in her body, will get red spots on her skin immediately, will get itches, a sore throat and pain near the end of her spinal cord. She is not only oversensitive to electro magnetic radiation, but her body also cannot cope with solar flares. As a result her body has spin-inversion. The electrons in the body cells are turning the wrong way, which causes the body to become acid. On the longer term this weakens the body and immune system even more, causing therapy resistance or allergies. Below websites are mentioned to get more information about solar flares or ElectroHyperSensivitity.

According to Arlène and many others, people with Lyme not only are oversensitive to EMF radiation, but also are prone to be more sensitive to other energies. As a child Arlène already was highly sensitive, saw entities and communicated with angels. This sensitivity has not become less, she jokes. She has invited al kinds of mediums many times to clear the house of all kinds of entities. ‘High sensitive persons’ have a raised ability to observe, they have a finer tuned intuition and so they have a refined susceptibility for energies and external factors in their surrounding, such as radiation and food. Arlène recommends me to read German anthropologist and herbal expert Wolf-Dieter Storl’s book about Lyme Disease. Because of the high sensitivity that Lyme patients have developed, he asks an intriguing question: “Could it be the task of the Lyme-entity to open up humanity and make us more sensitive?”

Anyone who did some research into Lyme, will easily be able to establish the link between the Second World War and the Borrelia bacteria. There are clues that make it plausible that the Borrelia and its co-infections, which are been spread by ticks today, are manmade. The Borrelia has been known in his natural variation for centuries. But the mutated and very dangerous variation would be the result of the design made by the German Nazi scientist Erich Traub. Traub was trained in the 1930’s at the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research in the U.S. and returned to his Fatherland to work directly under Himmler. In 1949, the Americans brought him back to the States, under the ultra-secret Operation Paperclip. On Plum Island this Bioweapon expert would have experimented for years with infecting ticks with bacteria, commissioned by the Pentagon. The laboratory on Plum Island is situated on the East coast of the U.S., only a few miles from the village in which the first outbreak of Lyme happened.  This is the village of Old Lyme, from which Lyme Disease got its name.

The idea that that man made and spread the Borrelia in its current variation, is a sensitive topic amongst people with Lyme. made and spread by people, Arlène is convinced it is and feels that this deserves much more public attention. “We need to make people aware that we do not get all information and much of it is being withheld on purpose. We need to do our own research. The E-numbers and antibiotics in food are really bad for us. The same applies for chemtrails sprayed out of airplanes. Many medicines will cause us to become ill instead of healthy. All these are spread amongst citizens, in order to keep us meek like lambs. I say: people, wake up, don’t swallow everything without your own judgment and take responsibility for your own lives.

Lyme patients are the canaries of our Time and Arlène takes her job seriously. She wants to help other people with Lyme, by supporting their creative self healing process. She does not want to actively convince people to not take antibiotics. For those who want to try the road of healing, she has this message: ‘Listen to what your body has to tell you. If something does not feel right, regardless if it is treatment by a regular doctor or an alternative therapist, listen to your own intuition, your inner voice. Take responsibility and do not give that to someone else. You know your own body better than anyone else.’

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