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You are a doctor, therapist, psychologist or any other health care professional who works with people with Lyme in the regular or the complementary / alternative field. You are willing to invest in learning more about this complex disease and are willing to open up to the views of others; both your colleagues as well as different perspectives of people in the other groups in our knowledge creation system.

If you want to learn in order to be more effective in solving your clients’ health problems, especially caused by Lyme, you are welcome to join and become a member. Membership is now in a ‘re-adopt’ phase, so you decide on how much you chip in. You can adjust this amount over time, based on how much value you experience from participating.

Membership will provide you with: 

  • updates of the most relevant scientific discoveries
  • access to the largest worldwide online Lyme library
  • invitations to symposia 
  • access to our patient-based effectiveness studies of different approaches and methods
  • relevant legal information to remain effective 
  • access to a network for knowledge sharing

The average time it takes to get a proper Lyme diagnosis = 18.7 YEARS
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