As you may be well aware, Lyme borreliose is a medical as well as highly politized disease. Current status-quo leaves many patients mis- or undiagnosed, treatment is either wildheld or too short to be effective and a lack of recognition of the persistence of the infection and the many serious conditions it can cause. 

As a result, people with a treatable disease remain ill and stigmatized, causing social isolation, bankrupties, suicides and other devastating situations. The current ICD codes are at the heart of this worldwide health and human rights issue.

If you are a medical or scientific professional, who is willing to support our cause, you can do so by endorsing our declaration by signing up at the bottom of this page. We may also include endorsements from professionals who are:

  • microbiologists
  • entomologists
  • environmental scientists
  • immunologists
  • bacteriologists
  • parasitologists
  • environmental scientists
  • molecular biologists
  • climatologists (anyone who publishes on vector-borne microbes)
  • medical clinicians
  • psychiatrists
  • other medical professionals (including natural doctors and nurses)
  • public health specialists
  • veterinarians
  • dentists
  • human rights leaders (well-known)
  • health rights leaders (well-known)
  • lawyers

At this point in time we are not collecting from 'Lyme advocates' as we are demonstrating that those concerned with borreliosis include a much wider group than Lyme advocates and patients - although anyone who is an advocate in addition to being one of these professional categories is most welcome!

Confidentiality & endorsement

We will keep all your information fully confidential until we have 1000 or more endorsees. We plan to release the 1000+ Demand for Change appeal to appropriate institutions, such as the UN, the EU, Unicef and national health agencies.

This means that you are NOT signing up for any public petition or mailing list.

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