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will enable us to work more effectively in order to create the impact needed for many, many ill people. Every small donation makes a difference. 
A one time donations can be made directly to our bank account at Triodos: NL67TRIO0197775527 or simply by hitting the Paypal donation button.
It is possible to include us in your will as Good Cause. Please contact us to set this up properly with your notary. 
Structural donations
When you want to donate larger, structural amounts, please first contact us to set it up properly for your tax returns.
We have an ANBI (the Dutch abbreviation for 'good cause') status, so your donations should be tax deductable. In some countries this can be achieved by getting a notary involved.
You may need to check this, to see what your local tax laws allow.

The average time it takes to get a proper Lyme diagnosis = 18.7 YEARS
click on the FaceWall pictures and find out for yourself

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