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Publishing the On Lyme interviews

After the 2018 meeting with the second Special Rapporteur to the United Nations, the On Lyme Foundation ceased to exist as a non-profit entity due to lack of funding. Soon the interviews on this website will no longer be available online, as it will be taken down.

The most important existing interviews with caretakers, doctors, scientists and legal professionals will be published in a new book called 'A Matter of Dignity'. Previously unpublished materials and new interviews with professionals taking a stand for the human rights of people with an ME diagnosis will also be included in it. From an ethical and social point of view, both groups suffer the same faith. 

'A Matter of Dignity'

The creation of the book is funded via Indiegogo

Using material from this website

If you have a website that aims to spread awareness about Lyme, you are welcome to use parts of this website that will disappear. Copyright only concerns the blog articles. You can send a request via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.